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Advance Trainers (Series 900)


S. N. Section : B - General Trainer Model No.
1 DC Power Supply Demonstrator with faults creating facility (Single 0-30V/2A) SB-901
2 Semiconductor Devices Characteristics Trainer [Diodes Semiconductor, Zener), Transistor (BJT,UJT,MOSFET), Photo Diode Photo Transistor, LDR, SCR,DIAC,TRIAC ] SB-902
3 Characteristics of All Diodes (Semiconductor, Zener, Schottky, Light Emitting, Varactor Diode) SB-903
4 Transistor Characteristics Trainer (BJT,UJT,JFT,MOSFET,IGBT) SB-904
5 Photo conducting Devices Trainer SB-905
6 SCR Gate Triggering Trainer (Turn –On Methods) SB-906
7 SCR Force Communication Trainer SB-907
8 500 V A UPS Trainer with 12V Battery SB-908
9 500 VA Inverter Trainer with 12V Battery SB-909
10 AC Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer Trainer SB-910
11 Power Electronics Trainer SB-911
12 Op-Amp IC 741 Characteristics (Parameter) Trainer SB-912
13 Op-Amp IC 741 Application Trainer SB-913
14 Op-Amp IC 741 Characteristics & Application Trainer SB-914
15 OP-AMP as Active Filter trainer all types SB-915
16 Linear IC Trainer SB-916
17 Timer IC 555 Trainer SB-917
18 Multivibrators using BJT SB-918
19 Multivibrators using BJT and OP-AMP SB-919
20 Multivibrators using IC 555 SB-920
21 Multivibrators using BJT and Digital IC SB-921
22 Multivibrator Trainer using BJT & Op-Amp SB-922
23 Oscillators using Transistor Trainer (All types) SB-923
24 Oscillators & Multivibrator Trainer using BJT SB-924
25 Opto Electronics Components characteristics Trainer SB-925
26 Discrete Components Trainer SB-926
27 Analog Multimeter Demonstrator SB-927
28 Digital Multimeter Demonstrator (Part 1, 2 & 3) SB-928
29 Network Theorem Trainer (Thevenin, Norton, Millman, Superposition, Reciprocity, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem) SB-929
30 Camera Trainer SB-930

* Specifications & Design of the product are subject to change without any prior notice due to constant up gradation & availability of components.